CVA partners with SEBAversity to further blockchain knowledge and education

CVA is excited to announce that 

Crypto Valley Education Working Group partners with SEBAversity


A collaboration between CVA's Education Working Group and SEBAversity is a result of a strategic initiative to demistyfy blockchain, further blockchain knowledge and education.

In June  2020, the CVA Board and CVA's Working Group Chairs have set out new goals for 2020/2021. The Working Group Education (WGE) was represented by the Chairs Tilmar Goos, and Bora Altuncevahir. Tilmar on behalf of the WGE presented the working group's plans for the 2020/2021:

  1. Creation of a mini lectures series 

  2. Research roundtable with leading Universities and industry stakeholders 

  3. Crypto Valley Coffee Club Podcast 

  4. Increase the overall engagement within the association and in the WG Education

The Crypto Valley Association Working Group Education is committed to an open and inclusive planning process. Direct input and participation of our community and industry stakeholders is a critical component for the creation of a successful working group.”  - Tilmar stated.

Bora added “Furthermore, the working groups’ role is to gather community input, convey community needs and concerns, identify opportunities, provide project guidance, and review deliverables. Proposals and draft goals created by working groups will also be reviewed


In order to do so the CVA WGE partners with SEBAversity which is lead by Marcel Harmann, the educational arm of SEBA Bank - The Bank for the New Economy. Its mission is to demystify crypto and blockchain technology.

Together, both parties develop strategic education and kick off with a lectures series called CVA & SEBAversity Sunset Events.

The first hybrid event will kick-off the fall season on August 24th, 2020 with a lecture titled 'Proof-of-Stake Explained'. The events will take place in Zug, Switzerland and will also be virtually available for guests to attend. The event series aims to address topics that cover basic blockchain and crytographic knowledge but topics will also dive into more complex areas, hence providing valuable content for novices and experts alike. 

To learn more about Crypto Valley Working Group Education contact us and please visit our websites


The organizers behind the Sunset Event series are:



Tilmar W. GoosLL.M, a Ph.D researcher specialization into accounting where he focuses on accounting, accountability in Big Data management, Digital Ethics and the role of blockchain technology. His research is facilitated by the University of Minho, where he collaborates with Prof. Dr. Carlos Menezes. His professional experience ranges from business, tax and legal consultation but also to hands-on work with several renown blockchain and crypto projects. Tilmar is a frequent speaker, author and voluntary research scholar at the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation Amsterdam and the German National Library of Economics. He speaks German, English, Spanish, Dutch and is able to communicate in Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese.


Bora Altuncevahir is an Academic Program Director of Bachelor of Science Program in Business Administration at Swiss Distance University of Applied Science FFHS and lectures in Master of Science in Innovation, Technology and Strategic Management, in Business Informatics in Bachelor of Science and is a Main Lecturer in CAS Blockchain and CAS Legal Tech. His experience equipped him with knowledge in the areas of business model innovation, digital platforms, ecosystems, strategy and latest technologies. He is a partner in an innovation consulting firm based in Trust Square and Technopark in Zurich, the leading Swiss tech hubs. He did research on business model innovation and digital platforms at the renowned University of St. Gallen in Switzerland.


Marcel Harmann is building and leading the knowledge pool of SEBA Bank - the first fully licensed Crypto Bank in the world. He is an entrepreneurial shaper with +10yrs experience with focus on fintech & blockchain technology. Marcel holds a master degree in banking and finance of the University of Zurich and is pursuing a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences Lucerne and University of Fribourg. He is a board member of the DLT Education Consortium and academic course manager of CAS Blockchain, Crypto Finance & Cryptocurrencies and Digital Business Innovation. 

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