CVA Stablecoin Taskforce responds to Financial Stability Board on stablecoin regulation efforts

Jul 28, 2020

CVA's power is in the collaboration of its community members. CVA's Western Chapter has been one of our most active working groups and produced countless thought leadership assets over the past few months. 

In July, 2020 the Western Chapter's Stablecoin Taskforce brought together its subject matter experts and published a response to the Financial Stability Board in regards to their newest document issues around stablecoins.

The Financial Stability Board published a consultative document in April, 2020 "Addressing the regulatory, supervisory and oversight challenges raised by “global stablecoin” arrangements". This consultation sets out 10 high-level recommendations to address the regulatory, supervisory and oversight challenges raised by “global stablecoin” arrangements. 

The CVA Stablecoin Taskforce responsed to this consultative document and provided their thoughts and recommendations in order to contribute to the future of stablecoin regulation. The response was written by Gabriel Jaccard, Hélie D'Hauteford, Blanca Zutta, Alexander Suhobokov, Romano Feuerstein, Ilya Volkov, and Athanasios T. Ladopoulos and sent to the Financial Stability Board. 

You can download and read the response below.


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